come learn about our idea of the future
come learn about our idea of the future

The environment and people

an inseparable pair

Sustainability for us is a systematic approach which we want to use to keep our staff healthy, as well as our customers and their customers; we think that this well-being is connected to protecting the environment.

Environmental sustainability

the power of renewable energy

In 2011, we installed a solar panel system which lets us generate all the clean energy we need.
In addition to generating renewable energy, we think it is important to dispose of waste by recycling, with a particular focus on any potentially hazardous materials for the environment and for people, which we get rid of according to existing legislation.

We have also set up a recycling and reprocessing service for the drums and tanks we use to send products to our customers. Once they have done their job, we will come and retrieve them so they can be reused, after they have undergone appropriate sterilisation.
Our natural raw materials also undergo checks, not just in terms of quality control, but also during their production: it is important for us to work with suppliers whose top priority is respect for the environment and people, because we believe that these two factors are essential to be able to offer you a high-quality product. Our purchasing department manager therefore carefully examines the supply and production chain of each supplier.

Social sustainability

the strength of our staff

Here at CreaSens, we don’t just have state-of-the-art automated robots and smart IT systems; our real strength lies in the people who work with us.
Managers, office staff, lab technicians and labourers: our goal is to create joint participation to ensure that each member fulfils their potential and works as part of a proactive team, thereby helping create a positive, calm working environment.
We make substantial investments in people, both by continuously recruiting highly specialised staff and with regular training courses, particularly in terms of safety.

Our company pays great attention to equal opportunities and we are proud to be able to say that 20 out of our 46 total employees are women.