see how our products are made
see how our products are made

Experience and sensitivity

Our master perfumers

We often compare the role of a perfumer to that of a traveller: both are explorers, open to the unknown and able to take on board influences so they can create new meaningful synthetic combinations.

Research and development

The heart of our work

Our work is based on lifelong education: we’re conducting research into new perfume accords, we’re discovering new raw materials, and we’re implementing increasingly accurate analysis methods so we can keep creating fragrances that express an emotion and leave people with a specific memory. 
Our research and development team is increasing our database and experience: about 2,100 new items a year, 1,000 analysis tests a year during the research and development phase, and 10,000 quality control analysis tests during production.
But we don’t just conduct laboratory research: our marketing department analyses market developments and progress with the competition so we’re always up with the latest trends and can find new olfactory combinations that are able to give your product a unique, recognisable character.

The customer is more than a customer

We see you as our partners in creating the right fragrance for your product and we like to build a relationship with you based on transparency: our sales department will ensure that your order is handled within 48h, sending you the relative order confirmation. At the same time, while working with the production department, it will ensure that your order is processed in 7-12 working days from receipt of the order, depending on the destination of the goods.

Where the magic of creation happens


Experience and creativity are not enough to make the perfect product: you also need skill, safety and a flawless production process. Cutting-edge machinery, control software and systematic control procedures: this is the secret which means we can be flexible and responsive. The latest automated production technologies, together with the skill of our production technicians, mean we can offer you an efficient, streamlined process. We currently produce about 1,000,000 kg of products a year. 

Checks and certifications for your safety

The complicated legal framework that has been established over the past decade, both with the enforcement of horizontal legislation, such as REACH (EC Regulation No 1907/2006) and CLP (EC Regulation No 1272/2008), and vertical or product legislation, such as the Cosmetics Regulation (EC No 1223/2009), has led CreaSens to focus its attention every day on these aspects that increasingly require an integrated approach to fully protect people’s health and the environment.

CreaSens can provide regulatory advice, while constantly keeping product technical and safety documentation up-to-date, in particular regarding EC Regulation No 1223/2009 which lays down the requirements that every cosmetics product on the market has to comply with in order to guarantee the protection of human health and consumer information, setting out restrictions on contained substances and clarifying the minimum requirements for product labelling.
Once a safe product has been developed, CreaSens ensures compliance with the standards and guidelines issued by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), an organisation which represents the interests and serves as the voice for the perfume industry all around the world.

Responsible communication all throughout the production chain completes the compliance with the compulsory regulatory framework but additional regulatory support is still provided by focusing on voluntary certifications. CreaSens can formulate fragrances that will be awarded certifications for cosmetics products, such as:

Compliance with specifications, such as the complete absence of allergens or their absence in the concentrations used, completes our customer support in terms of voluntary regulations and customised requests.

For more information: regulatory@creasens.it